Top 10 Most Popular Italian Food In The World

Italian cuisine is eaten worldwide and comes under one of the delicious food. It is liked by the people all across the globe. Whether it is Pasta or Pizza, all are finger licking good. As a name suggests it is originated in italy in 8th century BC when Greek settlers colonized Sicily and Magna Graecia, in southern Italy.
It is most popular cuisine and some people are so habitual of these pizzas and pastas that they even forget that these dishes are Italian dishes. Lets check out 10 most popular Italian dishes and check if you have eaten them all.
Numbering is done just to count ten dishes otherwise all dishes are equivalent popular and delicious.

Top 10 Most Popular Italian Food In The World

10. Lasagna

9. Spaghetti

8. Pizza

7. Italian Fish Soup

6. Risotto

5. Raviolli

4. Baked Ziti

3. Gnocchi

2. Parma Ham dishes

1. Eliche


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